LATELY, I HAVE BEEN THINKING about the prospect of Gross National Happiness in far-away Bhutan. This may have to do with the fact that this is the season of slush and snot in much of Canada: perhaps my frustration with the uglier aspects of mid-winter explains my recent interest in surfing stories about Gross National Happiness (GNH), the whimsical but intriguing paradigm and policies with which Bhutan is pursuing economic growth and safeguarding its cultural integrity. Simply put, my unhappiness in the face of Canadian Seasonal Grossness has me wondering about the possibilities inherent in Bhutanese Gross National Happiness.

Unlike most other nations, which use the GDP, Gross Domestic Product, to measure their economic health, Bhutan has pursued GNH, a development paradigm that measures both material and non-material indicators of well-being. GNH is built on four pillars: sustainable and equitable economic development; conservation of the environment; good governance; and, last but not least, the preservation and promotion of culture. And so, as part of the first official Bhutanese Happiness Survey in 2010, census workers asked...


Contest Winners Announced!

We have announced the winners of our short story contest on our contest page. A very warm thank you to Alexander MacLeod for judging this inaugural fiction contest, and to all the entrants for the many fine stories that they submitted.

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